6 months in one bag – Rillion Prime!

Let’s summarize the first half of 2023 in terms of what has been updated, improved and added in functionality in our Rillion Prime solution.
Automation is on top of many people’s wish list and we work hard for – 100% automation. But how do you improve your automation level with simple effort? And what may require more work and time spent? We will look closer at what you can adjust straight away in the solution to get more automation in the process of handling the invoices. We also take a glance at our Automation Coach, which is available for those who want to get a larger understanding and help in automating. We will look into our AI functionality, how it works and what added value it provides. Analytics, is our latest addition to the family. A analytics tool that definitely plays in a different league. It makes a lot of data available for quick and smooth analyses and reporting. We end the webinar with looking into the new interface that is under construction.

The webinar:

  • Create automation with simple and low effort
  • Automation Coach – learn and adjust with some help
  • AI – the smart engine that automates effectively
  • Analytics – deep dive into details of automation grades, valuable reports and data analytics
  • UI – a new interface is on the way, let’s have a sneak peek.

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The webinar is hosted by:
Maria Hult, Product Specialist at Rillion