It is important for companies to be able to keep track of all the different documents in a centralized way. Not only do they need to be stored, but documents also need to be reachable by the right people at the right time. When it comes to invoices and payments, the organization often needs to be able to see documents behind the cost.

With Rillion Prime, organizations do not need yet another software license for document management, but they can easily start using the add on feature. Here, Matti Junttonen, Sales Director at Rillion, shares the top three benefits of further increasing control and structure over your documents.

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Thankfully, the days of the binder are over. With Rillion Prime companies can archive their documents digitally in the cloud, making them accessible from different countries which increases both safety and security. Being able to manage and create documents on the same platform is an added plus.

Matti Junttonen, Sales Director at Rillion, has been working with the company’s add-on service Rillion Documents for Prime for several years. It is part of the Rillion solution, which allows documents to be linked to invoices, contracts, and purchase orders. What’s even better, as organization is already working with Rillion Prime, taking on a new add-on feature is very cost effective and relatively easy compared to tackling a new software.

Junttonen explains that they saw a need in the market to not only make documents digital and searchable, but to link them with other applications to manage the entire process on the same platform.

– Rillion Documents can be linked to other systems, which makes importing documents automatic. Before organizations had to manually retrieve documents from other systems to be able to check invoice details, for example.

Rillion brings everything together in one place and gives the user more control and freedom to work in a way that suits them.

Here, Junttonen shares the three things he sees that users appreciate most about Rillion Documents for Prime.

  1. They can build their own infrastructure
    There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to document management. Companies work with their own processes and procedures, so it’s important to have a system that adapts to existing ways of working rather than adding a new one. Rillion Prime for example caters both to active and inactive processes. In active processes, documents are part of business processes, for example when a new supplier needs to be approved. Companies can create different document types and easily approve them using the same approval workflow logic than with invoices. With Rillion Documents for Prime, you can easily change or add the fields you need to name or categorize different types of documents, for example. With inactive process we mean that companies can also store their documents in one centralized place, but they are not actively in use.
  2. They approve everything on the spot
    Because Rillion Documents can be linked to other systems, it also enables companies to manage approval processes directly within the system. Investment applications can be imported from emails, and it is easy to manage access, both internally and externally.
  3. They can plan ahead with reporting
    Overviews provide control and checks lay a secure foundation for future work. A clear structure and overview allow the company to make forecasts and strategies and work on cash flow planning.

– The biggest challenge I see with this additional service is to open the client’s mind to see the potential of what they can do. Many people work in the same way they have “always done”, mistakenly believing that new systems mean more work.

Rillion Documents is easy to adapt to throughout the organization, although the main users tend to be the finance department guided by the company’s CFO. Of course, we’re always here to guide you through the process of getting started, but for most, the start-up distance is usually short, and the benefits become clear within just a few months, concludes Matti Junttonen.

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Matti Junttonen | Sales Director

Matti is Sales Director in EMEA region for the AP Automation Solution Rillion Prime. He has long experience in helping companies automate the their accounts payable processes with the aim to reach a "zero touch process".