Client Information

Customer PEAB
Branch Head Office
Area Head Office
Business system Custom
Invoices/year 50 000
Employees 15 000
Process automated Invoices processing, Approval workflow

Saving time with AP Automation

Peab has four different business areas: construction, civil engineering, industry and project development.

Peab Real Estate Development had an invoice management system but several processes were still handled manually. Functionality was lacking when the contract for the system was expiring, Peab started to consider replacing its existing system for incoming supplier invoices. The choice fell quickly on Rillion thanks to better functionality and proven integration with the existing Vitec financial system.

“We determined Rillion would be our next system when we saw the breadth of functionality in the solution as well as the excellent cooperation between Rillion and Vitec. We save a lot of time – time that can be spent on other tasks.” Özlem Sener, System Owner for Rillion at Peab Project Development

Among other things, Peab lacked functionality for accrual and amount limit, which was standard in Rillion’s solution. For many years Rillion and Vitec have worked closely together to deliver financial and invoice management solutions to the construction and real estate industry, something that Peab saw as a big plus.

PEAB is managing 15,000 more supplier invoices with the same number of employees using Rillion. Thanks to the functionality in Rillion PEAB has eliminated all the manual touch points and the AP process is now completely automated.

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