To remain in the same old routine year after year can be costly for a company. By changing to new digital methods and changing routines, your company can save more time and work more cost-efficiently.

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All companies have a need to work smarter, and streamline its methods of working. As technology advances there are also more opportunities for this. Today you can get all kind of digital services, from accounting and document management, to different types of meeting services.

Save time – and costs

Taking the step to the future workplace may feel like a big step, but it does not need to be difficult. A first step can be to review the Finance department’s procedures, and to gradually update your systems to more efficient cloud services. Electronic invoicing is just one example of efficiency that can be achieved in the cloud. For some industries, it is also possible to coordinate project reporting and order management systems with invoice management – and thus saving additional time.

By eliminating paperwork and automating some of the financial management you take away time-consuming routine work. This can create faster workflows and thereby reduce costs. Your employees will have time for other tasks by minimising monotonous and repetitive work. Their workday will be more flexible, and you can focus more on your core business.

Flexibility and safer handling

The new digital workplace does not require you to be at the office, you can log in and manage your work from anywhere. This also gives a flexibility in terms of working hours. Today, we do not just work office hours between 9-5, we often need to be more flexible in order to put together our life puzzle. With flexibility it becomes easier for companies to grow geographically and to attract the best talent.

Besides the fact that you can work remotely in the system, the great strength of cloud services is that all documents are digitised and you have access to work documents and real-time data streams from any device.

In larger companies, it is common for invoices to be sent around the organisation – which is both time consuming and a risk factor as invoices may disappear or not be paid on time. A digitised system makes work more efficient and the invoice handling safer. Procedures and internal workflows are clearer and easier to trace and follow. This also makes it easier to take on temporary staff in the Finance Department.