Leading Swedish supplier of invoicing solutions is establishing business abroad

Centsoft celebrated its 10th anniversary a couple of years ago and has a lot more to celebrate since then.

A year ago the company was acquired by Rillion and it now operates in Europe, North America and Australia as part of the Rillion Group. The expansion has come after a period of strategic development. The product is now established in five new markets outside of Sweden.

Christoffer Hartung, CEO at Centsoft says:

“We have made great progress in the last year with new partnerships, new market entries and a continuous strong growth in Sweden. Many companies in Sweden are still actively looking for Accounts Payable (AP) solutions and we have introduced more than 100 new customers in the first quarter of the year.”

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Substantial interest in Centsoft Invoice

Christoffer and colleagues at Rillion are touring around the world to show Centsoft to potential partners and customers, with substantial interest. Outside of the Nordics the AP solutions market is still maturing, and Centsoft offers a superior level of innovation and scalability to customers looking to digitize their invoice processing workflows.

“It makes sense for us to establish a presence in countries where Rillion is already present. No matter what country we visit, Rillion resellers gain significant interest due to the value added by Centsoft and the possibility to attract new customers who are looking for a standardized solution. In partnership, we can now go to market with a very capable standard product and we have established sales channels in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the US” says Christoffer.

“The feedback we have received from our partners is fantastic. The only limit to Centsoft’s globalization that we anticipate is time and complexity of building custom integrations. To ensure that these factors do not limit us, building custom integrations and recruiting more developers to help customers get up and running quickly are our top priorities right now,” says Mats Ferm, CEO at Rillion.

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