Client Information

Customer Björn Axén
Branch Health and Beauty industry
Area Sweden
Processes automated Invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)

From organized chaos to control

The Accounts department received paper invoices, which were then sent out in the organization for coding and approval. Or invoices came directly to approving managers and were then sent to Accounts.

“Things easily got a bit messy, and it was hard to keep track of where the invoices were. An invoice might remain on someone’s desk and, in the worst-case scenario, only be discovered when the supplier sent a reminder.”
Johan Asperyd, CFO at Björn Axén

Björn Axén now has full control over where invoices are, who is to approve them, and when they fall due for payment.

Rillion gives Björn Axén scope to grow

The company has grown 50% in the past five years, but this growth has not affected the size of the Accounts Payable department because Rillion replaces much of the previous manual work.

“Thanks to the controls in the approval workflow and the precision Rillion offers in our bookkeeping, the number of errors has fallen dramatically, and we save a lot of time.”

The company also changed its ERP system during this period. The switch went smoothly as the invoicing process was already established and Rillion Automation was easy to integrate with the new system.

“We definitely save more than it costs us”
– Johan Asperyd, CFO at Björn Axén

Johan says that one extremely positive result has been the huge impact on their workload.

“We save so many hours of work. We haven’t calculated how many, but we definitely save more than it costs us,” he says. “Approval is also faster. Reminders are sent automatically to approvers, and the administrator has an overview of all invoices, where they are in the process and their status.

“Thanks to the controls in the approval workflow and the precision Rillion offers in our bookkeeping, the number of errors has fallen dramatically, and we save a lot of time.”
– Johan Asperyd, CFO at Björn Axén

Very clear quality gains

Johan returns again and again to how manual invoice processing can easily generate uncertainty, which in turn affects the quality of the bookkeeping and overall financial control as well as increasing the risk of relations with suppliers souring.

What Johan’s employees most appreciate is the overview of invoices that they get and the fact that this task has become easier and more fun. They can now be more proactive and spend more time on the tasks they are qualified for.

“Now that it’s no longer necessary to chase up invoices that have gone missing or look up a chart of accounts for the coding, this task has become more fun.”

Johan also thinks that the annual closing process has become more efficient as all the information is in Rillion instead of in binders or on someone’s desk.

Reasonable Investment

It was Björn Axén’s supplier of photocopiers and printers who recommended that Johan should check out Rillion. He wanted an uncomplicated system that didn’t require a huge investment.

Johan thinks that Rillion is a system solution that would suit most companies. He is pleased with the choice they made and the timely support he gets. He likes the fact that the software is being continuously developed.

“You can tell they’re passionate about what they do”, he says.

Björn Axén’s employees were nothing but positive about the change, as it improved their work environment without requiring big investments of their time in training.

The simplicity of the system was decisive.

“You learn the system as you use it. The same goes for new employees. There is no learning curve to get over, you just start working with it.”

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