AP Automation solutions

AP automation in the cloud with intelligent invoice data capture, mobile approval workflows, complex PO matching, and an archive with audit trail. Book a demo with Rillion and learn about our accounts payable automation software.

Rillion’s automated accounts payable solutions

Invoice data capture

Utilizing AI and capture automation, our AP automation solutions intuitively extract data from both paper and digital invoices, with a 95% accuracy rate for paper invoices, and a 100% accuracy rate for electronic formats.

Manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, where manual errors and missed invoices are eliminated. The invoice data capture process in our AP software solutions looks as follows:

  1. OCR and extraction
  2. Document classification
  3. Data validation and quality control
  4. Reporting and analysis

“With our contracts being matched to vendor invoices for over 300 locations, Rillion has reduced our manual workload and really optimized our AP operations.”

Approval Workflow

Human error is one of the biggest challenges of running a company. Our automated accounts payable solutions isolate the human factor from the equation, eliminating paper and other manual-based processes that slow down the invoice approval process and are prone to human error.

Our accounts payable software streamlines the entirety of your invoice approval workflow of both PO- and non-PO invoices, enabling you to automatically direct invoices to the designated approver.

Once the invoices have been processed and approved, they are forwarded to your ERP for recording and payment. Our AP software solutions introduce the following functionalities for your approval workflow:

  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Drag and drop functionality for ad hoc re-routing
  • Visibility into payment/approval status of invoices
  • Email approvals with one-click functionality in mobile

3 way PO matching

PO matching requires a substantial amount of manual effort, especially if the invoiced items need to be matched at the line level.

Once an invoice has entered your ERP, it is assigned as either a “match”- or “no-match”-status. If there are any discrepancies between the goods receipt and the invoice, the invoice cannot be processed. In such cases, the transaction usually has to be canceled, and the worker will have to perform time-consuming manual work to clear the exception.

Rillion’s AP automation solutions include intelligent 3 way PO matching, where the invoice is automatically verified in a fully touchless process against both its corresponding PO and goods/delivery receipt.

Eliminate manual searching and matching for POs and invoices that can have hundreds of lines through Rillion’s AP solution. The result is major time savings and allowing your staff to spend their time on more higher-value tasks.

The AP process with Rillion

Data is captured from electronic and paper invoices using artificial intelligence and capture automation.

Archive and Audit

Once payment has been made, the payment information from your ERP or accounting system is transferred back to Rillion’s AP automation solution into a fully searchable archive. Supplier invoices and the log is fully searchable, giving you access to a complete time-stamped archive of all invoices with full visibility into approvals and approval messages.

Download the Ultimate Guide to AP Automation

Guide: AP Automation

This guide will walk you through AP automation solutions including functionality such as importing invoice data, invoice processing, approval workflow, PO matching, a system for auditing and archiving, detailed reporting, and cost analysis.

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