Accounts Payable Automation for SAP Business One

Take charge of your vendor invoices with accounts payable automation for SAP Business One. Rillion offers intelligent data extraction, optimized approval channels, automated PO-matching, and more. Get unrivaled insights into the approval journey and PO-matching metrics with AP automation.

AP Automation with connector to SAP Business One

Streamline your SAP Business One invoice processing

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Capture

Say goodbye to manual data entry! Rillion seamlessly captures every detail, skillfully processing invoices in both physical and digital formats for accounts payable in SAP Business One.

Recurring invoices automation

Approval Workflow

Revolutionize your invoice, contract, and record approval process. With a single click, approvers can authorize from anywhere, anytime.

Payment by Rillion Pay


Rillion’s AP automation for SAP Business One takes PO-matching to a whole new level with AP, expertly linking invoices and goods receipts to purchase orders, even for extensive, multi-page POs.

Recurring invoices automation

Recurring Invoices

Manage recurring invoices across multiple sites effectively. Enable self-billing for recurring expenses such as lease payments.

Recurring invoices automation

Invoice Archive

Easily access both paid and current invoices from a cloud-based archive, eliminating the need for physical storage or multiple digital folders for accounts payable in SAP Business One.

Quickbooks Online

Audit Trail

Our solution for AP automation in SAP Business One maintains a detailed, timestamped audit trail, invaluable for both internal and external audits.

Recurring invoices automation

Contract Management

Simplify service contract management and match them to invoices. Stay ahead of the curve with timely reminders and alerts.

Quickbooks Online

SAP Business One Integration

Our ready-to-use integration enhances functionality and facilitates top-tier automated invoice processing in SAP Business One.

Payment by Rillion Pay


Settle invoices using ACH, virtual credit card, wire transfer, or e-check, all under strict compliance measures with invoice management system SAP.

Full visibility and control

AI-Coding – Next level automation for SAP Business One

Rillion’s AI assistant rapidly learns to code your cost invoices, so you no longer need to. Watch the video and see how it works!

Don’t take our word for it

Tacala chooses Rillion for AP automation

“Landstar went from an almost completely manual AP process which was time consuming and caused unnecessary payment delays. After the implementation of Rillion, invoice processing time was cut by over 60%”

Automate your SAP Business One invoice processing today with Rillion’s AP automation solution.

How Rillion’s AP automation integration works


Invoices in all formats, including paper, PDF, XML, Word, and other digital formats, are immediately recognized and decoded using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI digital capture technologies. Rillion identifies each invoice’s origin by its supplier, extracting essential details like supplier information, reference, total amount, and tax information. Leveraging supplier references and pre-established rules, an approval workflow is suggested for your accounts payable in SAP Business One.

Spend less time managing Accounts Payable
Full visibility and control

Analytics & Reporting – Equip finance teams to make data-driven decisions

Gain actionable insights into your AP automation potential, forecast spending and cash flow, and evaluate risks in your supply chain.

Unparalleled SAP Business One Accounts Payable Automation

Rillion’s integrated invoice management system for SAP Business One ensures real-time data synchronization between platforms. Settings required to process an invoice, such as suppliers, chart of accounts, and currencies, are automatically fetched through the integration.

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Automated PO-matching in Accounts Payable

Discover how automated PO-matching works in this video, showcasing how invoice matching can be automated by integrating Rillion for AP automation for SAP Business One.

What can Rillion’s AP automation for SAP Business One do for your business?

Full visibility and control

Time and Cost Efficiency

Rillion’s AP automation for SAP Business One automates data entry, approval, and payment processes, and reduces manual intervention, conserving your time and resources.

Approval workflows

Enhanced Accuracy

SAP Business One accounts payable automation reduces human error risks in data entry, enhancing financial record accuracy.

Seamless integration to your ERP

Improved Efficiency

AP automation for SAP Business One automates invoice capture, approval workflows, and payment processing, significantly boosting your AP department’s efficiency.

Recurring invoices automation

Better Cash Flow Management

Achieve real-time visibility into payables, capitalize on early payment discounts, and avoid late payment fees to improve your cash flow.

AP Automation with advanced search functionality

Strengthened Vendor Relations

Ensure timely payments and foster enhanced relationships with suppliers for more favorable terms with Rillion’s AP automation integration.

AI-supported AP automation

Augmented Security

Rillion’s built-in security measures, like role-based access controls, reduce unauthorized payment risks and fraud.

Automated PO matching

Scalable Solution

As your business grows, Rillion scales with you, handling higher invoice and payment volumes without the need for additional staffing.

Easy to use accounts payable automation

Compliance and Reporting

Detailed transaction and approval records simplify compliance requirements and financial reporting.

Webinar On Demand: Creating a Touchless AP Process

Webinar: Creating a Touchless AP Process

Learn how organizations are transitioning their AP departments to the digital age, where a touchless AP process reduces employee turnover, enables scalability for company growth, and increases profitability.


Rillion’s subscription includes Invoice Capture, Digital Approval Workflows, Invoice Archive, and ERP connection. The cost depends on the annual invoice processing volume. Additional features like AI-coding, Analytics & Reporting, PO-matching, and Recurring Invoice automation are available at a nominal extra charge.

Support is included for all Rillion customers. You can choose your support level. Enhanced support options are available at an additional charge. Read more about our support.

AP Automation simplifies supplier invoice handling by eliminating manual data entry and streamlining the approval workflow. Advanced AP Automation software also automates invoice matching against POs and contracts, saving time for businesses with many PO invoices.

AP Automation software saves time, reduces human error, increases efficiency, improves cash flow, strengthens vendor relations, enhances security, scales with your business, and simplifies compliance and reporting.

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