Manage Documents with Rillion

Keep track of all the different documents in a centralized way. Store documents in Rillion and make them searchable to the right people at the right time. Link documents to invoices to see needed information before payment.

Documents in Rillion

Part of Rillion Solution

  • Add-on feature of Rillion = same solution
  • Cost effective solution for simple document management
  • Users in your organization are already using Rillion – easy to start!
  • User friendly and fast to implement

Document Management

  • Store documents in the cloud in a centralized and secure way
  • Link documents to invoices
  • Share access rights
  • Build your own folder structure
  • +Prime users: Create documents in Rillion
  • +Prime users: Approval workflows for documents

Easy Access

  • Control who should be able to access specific documents
  • Link documents to invoices. When invoices arrive, needed information is easily visible.
  • Easily searchable and accessible
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device

Available both for One and Prime!

Document management solution for all companies

Choose what describes you best:


More about Document management with Rillion One


More about Document management for Rillion Prime

Document Management for Rillion Prime

Rillion Documents is an add-on feature, which allows creating, importing, and archiving of different business document types and sending documents into workflow for approval.

Key features:

  • Store documents and import them
  • Create custom document types
  • Share access according to predefined rules
  • Approval workflows by document type
  • Flexible reports by each document type
  • Can be linked directly to other
  • Digital document management
Rillion Documents for Prime
Documents in Rillion One

Documents & Contracts Management for Rillion One

Collect all your documents in Rillion One. When invoices arrive, you can see the document in the invoice view and easily reconcile the invoice’s items against the current agreement.

Key features:

  • Import and store documents in the cloud, such as agreements and contracts
  • You easily control who should be able to access specific documents.
  • Advanced search within documents (search text also from pdf:s)
  • Get notified when contracts are about to expire
  • Match invoices against contracts

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