Business owners are not interested in complicated integrations and technical issues. That’s why Centsoft has made integration with QuickBooks Online easy with just a few clicks.

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Centsoft has announced that their AP Automation App for QuickBooks Online is a cloud software with mobile approval workflows integrates with QuickBooks Online very quickly – with just a few clicks.

QuickBooks Online is one of the world’s leading accounting packages for small and medium sized businesses. Having a seamless integration experience is important for companies that do not have the time or money to deal with complex integration procedures.

Centsoft has a fully transparent integration with QuickBooks Online. All the accounts payable work with supplier invoices is done within Centsoft. In addition to the invoices being posted to the correct account, project and cost center, users can also see the invoice image in both Centsoft and QuickBooks.

“Centsoft integrates with QuickBooks and everything you do in Centsoft is seamlessly updated,” said Michael Cichy, Centsoft, “Centsoft automatically records important settings including the vendor register, vendor accounts, and currency. We find that customers love the integration experience they have with Centsoft and QuickBooks Online. No one needs more complexity added to their workday.”

Centsoft has built-in invoice scanning software. QuickBooks users scan paper invoices directly into Centsoft, or send electronic PDF invoices directly to the intuitive Centsoft dashboard. Invoice data is captured and the data is recorded in Centsoft. That means manual data entry is reduced and there is time for more valuable tasks.

Centsoft users create dynamic approval workflows and submit vendor invoices for approval to one or several people at once, allowing anyone on the team to approve invoices on any device 24/7.

AI software proactively suggests the best way to record and process invoices for fast and easy approval, or if an adjustment is required. The powerful search engine allows for easy access to historical data and a wide range of insightful reports.

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