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Accounts payable workflow automation enables companies and organizations to fully automate and optimize their AP processes, such as invoice processing, communication touchpoints, and approval workflows. Book a consultation for Rillion’s accounts payable workflow software today.

Accounts payable workflow automation from Rillion

Accounts Payable Automation with Rillion

At Rillion, we provide accounts payable automation (AP Automation) to organizations in over 50 countries worldwide. Over 95% of Rillion customers feel that the platform fulfills expectations and consider Rillion to be a worthwhile investment, noting its ease of use and great support.

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What is accounts payable workflow software?

The accounts payable process is notorious for being manual-task oriented, requiring multiple steps and a multitude of stakeholder approvals. Traditional AP processes are usually rife with bottlenecks, lag time, errors, failed handoffs, and inaccurate reporting.

If your current accounts payable operations are challenged by complex processes and inefficiencies that hinder business growth, it’s time to consider investing in or upgrading your current accounts payable operations.

Accounts payable workflow software is, simply put, a system used for financial and accounting processes. It helps automate repetitive manual accounting tasks, streamlines your AP processes, and transform invoice handling into a fully digitized and automated process.

Why you need AP automation

Implementing AP automation might feel intimidating for various reasons, such as lack of knowledge regarding software and resources, staff resistance, or just the general (very common) fear of change.

Unfortunately, rejecting AP automation not only hinders business growth and progress but also comes with an increased risk for fraud and reduced profitability.

Integrating an AP workflow software in your business has become a competitive necessity, reducing the AP department’s workload and streamlining data entry, invoice processing, and approval workflows. It allows AP teams to focus on more important tasks such as exception handling and analysis.

With automated accounts payable processes you can scale the AP department without adding to headcount, eliminate the errors from manual tasks and streamline accounts payable financial operations.

Integrating an AP workflow software in your business will save you lots of time and money

“We just didn’t have time to manage all the incoming invoices. But since changing to Rillion, we can manage three times the volume of invoices than our previous AP system allowed.”

Control you vendor payments with automated accounts payable workflow

Prevent overpayment & underpayment

Duplicated supplier invoices, changes in suppliers, or purchase order details all risk compromising your payment processes. AP managers want to avoid under or over paying for vendor invoices.

AP workflow software checks for these details automatically. Make timely payments and retain trusted vendor and supplier relationships.

Rillion’s accounts payable workflow software introduces digitized invoices and purchase orders, automatic PO-matching, flexible approval workflows, and fully automated AP processes on a single platform.

With fewer paper processes and an automated workflow your accounts payable staff can focus on more high value tasks.

Reduce the risk of financial fraud

Without adequate data or knowledge of what to look for, AP fraud can be very difficult to detect and prevent. In AFPs 2021 Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report, 74% of the companies surveyed admitted they’d been targets of payment scams.

These frauds are performed through false billing, fraudulent checks, overpayments, and wrongful manual data entry. These incidences can be prevented through accounts payable workflow automation.

Functions such as intelligent data capture, invoice approval workflows, automated PO matching and a time-stamped audit trail reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

AP workflow software reduce the risk of fraud
Improve vendor relationships with automated accounts payable workflow

Establish more beneficial vendor relationships

Late or outstanding debts can damage business reputations. Vendors may be less willing to deliver or might terminate their business altogether. Early payments motivate vendors and allow you to capitalize on early-payment discounts.

Accounts payable workflow automation helps you keep track of incoming vendor invoices. Schedule and approve payments in one simple interface.

Ensure profitability

Automated AP workflow software will help deliver higher profitability.

Invoices are paid on time and you can take advantage of early payment discounts.

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of financial fraud. An automated system scales with your business needs. Reduce the need for additional AP staff.

Get higher  profitability with automated AP workflow software

What do automated accounts payable look like?

An AP workflow consists of several steps. It starts when you receive an invoice, and ends once the invoice is recorded in the ERP. AP workflow software changes approval processes where steps previously performed manually in a traditional workflow are completely automated.

If you receive invoices in email or paper format, the automated AP workflow in Rillion looks something like this:

  • The AP workflow solution converts the paper or email invoice into a digital format using OCR technology powered by AI and machine learning.
  • The system extracts all the data and flows it into the Rillion central dashboard, with a 95% accuracy data capture rate for scanned paper invoices, and a 100% accuracy rate for electronic invoice formats.
  • Based on predetermined rules, the invoice is automatically sent via workflow to the proper approvers.
  • Once everything is in order and the invoice has been approved, it’s automatically forwarded to the ERP system for recording and payment.
  • With PO matching, Rillion’s cascading matching engine automatically matches invoices to purchase orders and goods receipts within minutes of receipt.
  • When there is an exception, it’s flagged and the approver gets a complete package to review including the invoice, PO, goods receipt, and employee messages.
  • A permanent record of the transaction, including transaction details and timestamps, is recorded in the invoice log providing a complete audit trail.

Test Rillion’s accounts payable workflow software today

With an automated accounts payable workflow, you free up time for higher-value work. Your AP department can focus on exception handling and analysis rather than repetitive manual tasks. Find out more about Rillion’s AP workflow software today and experience the following benefits:

  • Receive invoice data electronically – eliminate manual data entry
  • Have invoice approvals that are automated with 1-click approval in email
  • Invoices and purchase orders are matched by the software
  • Exception handling optimized to reduce cycle times
  • Complete time-stamped invoice log with searchable archive
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