• Date: January 18th
  • 3 pm CEST (30 minutes)

Rillion Prime Contract, just got better with matching against buget amount!

Our contract module, belonging to Rillion Prime, is a module where you can store your contracts and receive reminders when contracts need to be terminated or renegotiated. Additionally, you can match recurring invoices to the contracts to obtain account coding and approval flow, as well as identify any discrepancies between contracts and invoices. The module serves as a database for storing contracts in the same environment where you manage your invoices, allowing you to take advantage of already set infrastructure and make contracts available to invoice approvers.

Now, the contract module has been updated with improved functionality regarding the matching of invoices to contracts. We will explore how invoices can be matched against both fixed amounts and budget amounts. Create rules for how often invoices are allowed, ranging from once a month to any number.

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  • General functionality for Rillion Prime Contract
  • Storage of agreements, reminder notifications, and matching of recurring invoices
  • News: Contracts with budget amount
  • News: Extended reminder management

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The webinar is presented by:
Maria Hult, Product specialist at Rillion