Invoice Capture

– for Small Business

Using artificial intelligence and capture automation, data is intuitively extracted from both paper and email invoices using Rillion’s invoice capture solution.

Automated Invoice Capture for Small Business
Rillion’s Invoice Capture Software Solution

Invoice Data Capture

Rillion’s invoice data capture solution handles both email and paper invoices.

Paper and emailed invoices are scanned by the solution. The invoice data is automatically entered into a central dashboard and a complete automated approval workflow. No keying!

  • 95% Accuracy Rate For Paper & PDF
  • 100% Accuracy Rate For Electronic Formats

Invoice Capture Solution

– How it works step by step

Invoices are scanned

Emailed invoices (such as PDFs) are sent to your unique email address. If the bill is in paper format, you scan and send to the email.

Listen to our Customers

VMG Construction uses Rillion for Invoice Capture, Approval Workflow and Invoice Automation

VMG Construction
“It’s amazing. Rillion recognizes the invoice and it’s learning from those invoices, making it a smoother process. Once those invoices are getting thrown into the project manager teams, it’s already filled out for them to review.”

Benefits with Rillion’s
Invoice Capture Solution

Full visibility and control

Save Time

Automated invoice capture eliminates manual keying of invoice data, which will save you lot’s of time.

Approval workflows

Enhance Accuracy

Our capture software offer high accuracy rates, while human errors are eliminated from the process.

Full visibility and control

Reduce Cost

Automated Invoice Capture significantly reduce the processing cost per invoice. It will save your business money as well as time and resources on multiple levels.

Full visibility and control

Improve Structure

With automated invoice capture, you get an improved structure of your vendor invoices, which is a pre-requisite for further automation of the AP process, i.e. digital approval workflows.

Full visibility and control

Full Visibility

Rillion’s solution is easy to use and you get a full overview of all incoming invoices in the dashboard.

Seamless integration to your ERP


Rillion offers ready to go integration to many popular accounting systems.

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Next steps in the Invoice Automation Process

Digital Approval Workflow

Create better, faster, smarter, and easier invoice approval workflows with Rillion. Once all invoice data is digitized, the approval process can be completed by few clicks on computer or in a mobile phone.

Let your colleagues and managers approve invoices online – wherever they are!

Find current and paid invoice data fast

The search feature in Rillion lets you search for any information on an invoice. Finance staff and approvers benefit from both simple and advanced search functionality to obtain exactly the information that’s requested.

We have prepared for you to get onboard!

Rillion’s Invoice Capture Software is designed to easily connect with different accounting systems and ERPs.

Invoice Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Navision
Invoice Automation for Visma.Net
Invoice Automation for SAP S/4 Hana
Invoice Automation for Sage X3
Invoice Automation for Sage Intacct
Invoice Automation for Epicor iScala

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your vendors can send invoices via email, i.e. as an attached PDF-file, to an email that will feed them into the invoice capture software. You can also use an existing email address for receiving vendor invoices, and forward invoices to Rillion’s capture software. Paper invoices should be scanned and emailed to Rillion for capture.

Invoice data is captured using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which extracts the contents of invoices, paper or otherwise. Invoice data, and the invoice image, will show up in Rillion’s dashboard few minutes after the capture.

Invoice imaging is the scanning of an invoice with a device to produce an image of the invoice which can then be processed with OCR.

The first is invoice data capture, where technology populates the invoice data fields in the accounting system. Second is to sending out invoices for approval in an approval workflow. And third is coding and recording the invoice into the accounting system for payment.

When invoice data capture is automated using a software, manual entry of invoice data is eliminated. This will not only save you lots of time, but also eliminate errors caused by the human factor. Quality of your underlying data improve and you will get more accurate reports on spend and accounts payable. With automated invoice capture, you get an improved structure of your vendor invoices, which is a pre-requisite for further automation of the AP process, i.e. digital approval workflows.


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