With Centsoft Automation you will get the market’s most modern system for managing accounts payable invoices. It is a powerful yet simple system, catering both small and large organisations.

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As Centsoft Automation is developed on a modern web interface the system works in all browsers and on all platforms. The system is suitable for different industries and different types of businesses. It is a system that your business can expand and develop with as it grows.

Our product is stable and does not require much support. However, should you need support we are quick to answer your queries and solving your problems.

Centsoft Automation is a stable system, and the new modern technology ensures that the product will work for many years to come.

A user-friendly product

You can quickly get started with Centsoft since it’s a user-friendly system with an intuitive workflow.

Upon installation, we will help you set up the necessary basic settings in the system and give you a detailed overview of how the system works.

As it is easy to get started in Centsoft the time needed to train finance administrators, approvers and users is quick. This also makes it easier to take on temporary staff in the Finance Department.

Automate the entire workflow

Centsoft Automation can be customised according to your needs. Workflows can easily be created to automate the process for approvers. We help to set up the configuration with your ERP system and to customise Centsoft to your routines and work processes. The system can also match goods receipt and purchase orders from your ERP System.

The actual interpretation of invoices can be done in different ways. For example, you can use cloud services or choose to send your invoices to a scanning interpretation company.

Please book a demo with us and we’ll show you how Centsoft Automation works!