Digitalisation is transforming our lives in many ways – not least in the work life. The use of cloud services is an important part of this and allows us to work from virtually any location as long as we are connected.

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Today we see two strong trends in society – mobility and cloud services. When it comes to cloud services some even think these services will involve the same cultural changes as when the PC or Internet was developed.

Changing the way we work

The cloud and its services are still in the beginning stages but already increasingly sophisticated services are on offer. You do not need to be an IT expert to realise that cloud services will have a profound effect on the way we work.

A cloud solution means working with a server over the Internet instead of a service or application being downloaded locally on your computer. As you work towards the cloud, you are not dependent on a specific computer or location. It only requires you to have a connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone – and you will gain easy access to your material wherever you are.

Changed behaviour

More and more people also demand the ability to be more mobile at work. To do this it requires secure and sophisticated mobile services – in the cloud. The more mobile services that we can access, the easier it is to be mobile. This is an interaction that changes our behaviour and drives development further.

We also see a clear change in user behaviour where organisations go from using desktop computers to mobile devices. Moreover, we have a younger generation entering the labour market who have grown up consuming information from, and interacting with, mobile devices. To attract the younger workforce it is therefore crucial that employers offer an environment that supports technological progress.

Platforms customised after needs

Naturally there are challenges facing companies making the digital transition. For companies to manage their services in the cloud it requires platforms which are customised after the needs of the companies.

However, the development has in many places already come so far that you can now operate your entire business processes in the cloud, for a fraction of the cost. More and more companies see the strength in this and the companies at the forefront no longer wonder why they should use the cloud, but how they can use it.