Client Information

Customer Deskjockeys
Branch Accounting Firm
Area Sweden
Processes automated Invoice processing and approval workflow
AP Solution Rillion (formerly Centsoft Invoice)

“We only work with the most modern systems and our aim is to be at the cutting edge when it comes to technological solutions. Centsoft is part of our ecosystem.”

Accounting at Deskjockeys

Deskjockeys works at three different levels: the ISV system, accounting system and business intelligence (BI) system. All systems are standalone third-party solutions and are fully automated. Bank accounts are integrated in the bookkeeping system, so the data is in real-time. Rillion is linked to Visma eEkonomi and Visma.NET. All information is ported into the BI system and is compiled and sent to the client.

Adding Value

“The added value we get is that what you supply always works and all functions are included in one version, unlike other systems where you need to buy a lot of extra modules. Rillion’s supplier invoice solution has high functionality.”

Peter says that they can only see advantages in the way they are working with supplier invoices now, compared with the way they used to work. They used a different system previously, but decided to switch to Rillion because they were not happy with the other system.

“The biggest difference is the functionality that I mentioned earlier. And the modern layout and helpful support contribute to an excellent overall experience of the system. Rillion covers it all. We have a good overview and know where the invoices are in the workflow.”

Easy to Use

Rillion works well for virtually all types of client. If we were to classify them, we could say that we have two main categories of customers: those who want help setting everything up and then want to manage it themselves, and companies that outsource their entire accounting function. These clients want to manage their companies and get help with bookkeeping. They require a bit more knowledge from us, which we have because we are also auditors.”

Fast setup

“We always have an onboarding period when we take on a client, and this also depends on whether they want to outsource their entire accounting function – whether they want to manage it themselves or let Deskjockeys take it over entirely. Setting up a new client in Rillion is fast. The client can be up and running in a week. Taking over all accounting tasks takes from one to twelve weeks. We make sure that everything works before the client logs in and starts working in the system.”

“Centsoft* works well for a bookkeeping firm as it’s up to date and can be linked to several different ERP systems.”
*Centsoft is now Rillion

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