When ERA Revisorer i Norr looked for an AP automation solution they had one important requirement: Simplicity. For them, it meant a big focus on user friendliness and that the software should be responsive and contribute to automation.

Advantages with automation

The challenge for ERA Revisorer i Norr is to make their customers understand the advantages that come with automation and digitization of accounts payable. Joachim Olofsson and Linn Karlsson works at ERA and they are both using Rillion for AP processes within the company.

Customers have different requirements

After a comparison between different AP solutions, ERA chose Rillion. ERA Revisorer i Norr has customers in the SMB segment – from small start-ups to mid-sized limited companies. Many of their customers also use ERA for support with declarations, generational changes and forest declarations. With this mix of customers – possessing very different levels of digital maturity – they needed an AP automation solution with a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Joachim Olofsson, Accounting Consultant and Partner at ERA Revisorer i Norr said:

“Everyone who works at ERA Revisorer i Norr knows how to use Rillion and as we grow, we quickly on-board new colleagues. We help our customers throughout the entire process, from receiving of the invoice to payment, but it’s our customers who manage the approval. Generally, we do the account postings and the customer approves”

“Rillion is an easy-to-use software and is therefore very easy to sell to our customers. Even customers who are keen on keeping their paper invoices and archives are realizing that it’s smoother to digitalize the invoice and approval process.”

Cloud-based with many ERP integrations

Digitalization and automation is important for ERA Revisorer i Norr and the spirit of the times have helped them convince customers to replace paper-based processes to digital solutions. With most new customers they start with streamlining the accounting and Rillion becomes a natural part of that process. Linn Karlsson, Authorized Accounting Consultant at ERA Revisorer i Norr explains:

“It cannot be technically complicated for our customers when working in the tools we offer. Systems must be cloud-based and offer integration to many different ERPs. Rillion meets these criteria. I appreciate the quick responsiveness of the solution. We save time that can be used for other tasks. It’s easy for customers to search for invoices in Rillion, which facilitate their work. It’s also easy to see what happens in the process and what you need to do next.”

More time for customer relationships

Today ERA has around 40 customers using Rillion for accounts payable automation. Linn and Joachim believe the software has improved their customer relations.

“We would rather spend time supporting our customers and make them more self-sufficient rather than spending time looking for paper invoices when customers need price information or typing in OCR numbers. Rillion gives us time to nurture the customer relationship and be the partner and advisor that we want to be. It’s a tool that gives the customer a better experience”, says Linn.

More customers at ERA Revisorer i Norr discover the advantages with Rillion

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Accurate data for business decisions

Rillion’s interface gives you a good overview and it’s easy to work with, also for people not used to accounting software. The advantage with quick accounts payable processes is that you can follow the accounting in real time. AP automation gives you control, and it gives the customer relevant data for the future.

“In addition to the advantages Rillion offers in terms of streamlined AP processes for our customers and better insights, it has affected our business in a positive way. Now we can accept more assignments per consultant, create better reports and still have time left to learn new things. We can communicate in a more efficient way with our customers, which strengthens our customer knowledge and loyalty. I think Rillion simplifies everyday life for both us and our customers”, says Joachim.

More customers discover the advantages with Rillion

ERA Revisorer i Norr want to be available for all their customers. The change to digital processes can be tough for many businesses, but the customers that have opted for digitized accounting are very happy with the results.

“It must be quick and easy for the customer. We look forward to seeing new features in Rillion and additional ERP integrations. It will also be exciting to see how the AI-feature can be further developed. Our goal is to make sure we follow the digital evolution – for us and our customers’ sake, concludes Joachim.

Accounting agency ERA Revisorer i Norr chose Rillion for AP automation.

“In addition to the advantages Rillion offers in terms of streamlined AP processes for our customers and better insights, it has affected our business in a positive way”