QuickBooks Accounts Payable Automation

Eliminate manual work and optimize your AP activities with our accounts payable automation for QuickBooks. Rillion integrates seamlessly with all QuickBooks’ systems in a matter of minutes, fully automating your AP processes, from invoices to payments. Book a demo to learn more about our QuickBooks AP automation software.

Smart & Automated

  • Automated invoice capturing
  • Tailored approval workflows
  • Forwards approved invoices to QuickBooks
  • Significantly reduces cycle times

Accurate & Streamlined processes

  • Eliminates human errors
  • Eliminates the risk of over-payment or duplicate payments
  • Automatic flagging of exceptions
  • Streamlines reporting, budgeting and auditing

Insight & Transparency

  • Complete audit trails on every invoice
  • Real-time dashboard reporting of KPIs
  • Find, retrieve, and present relevant data quickly
  • Monitor performance and productivity

Access, Monitoring, & Control

  • No more lost invoices
  • Easy sharing of data in real-time
  • Simultaneous access to the system
  • Easy-to-follow electronic trail

AP solutions for QuickBooks’ products

QuickBooks Online

Make the transition from QuickBooks Desktop to Desktop Online today.

QuickBooks Desktop

Our AP automation solution will support QuickBooks Desktop even after the discontinuation.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Learn more about our AP automation solution for QuickBooks Enterprise.

QuickBooks Desktop will be discontinued May 31, 2023

QuickBooks is discontinuing QuickBooks Desktop May 31, 2023 – this means you will not receive critical security updates starting June 1, 2023. Read more about the QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation. 

Rillion recommends anyone using QuickBooks Desktop to convert to QuickBooks Online effective immediately; not only because of the discontinuation, but also because of the many benefits QuickBooks Online can offer your company.

Quickbooks Desktop will be discontinued

How does AP automation work?


Incoming invoices are auto interpreted and their data fields are captured. The data is intuitively extracted using OCR and AI digital capture technologies, regardless if the format is regular paper or PDF, XML, Word, or any other digital format. The technology recognizes each invoice by vendor and collects all the essential information – vendor data, reference, amount, and VAT. The system suggests an approval workflow based on supplier reference and predetermined rules.

Benefits of moving from QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Convert to QuickBooks Online and move your accounting into the cloud; work from anywhere, automate workflows, and collaborate with your clients in real-time.

Enhance accuracy with Rillion accounts payable automation

Save time with automated workflows

QuickBooks Online offers multiple automated features such as recurring transactions, bank feeds, and other workflows, allowing you to save time and reduce the risk of manual errors.

Collaborate in real-time with Rillion’s AP solution

Collaborate in real-time

Collaborate with your clients in real-time instead of offline to maintain control over file versions, have timely conversations, and make more informed decisions.

Work from everywhere with Rillion AP Automation

Work from anywhere

Move your accounting into the cloud and access it whenever you want, from wherever you want – desktop browser, phone, tablet, etc

AP automation software boost compliance

Access apps tailored for your business

QuickBooks easily integrates with third-party apps – such as Rillion – allowing you to tailor the platform according to your needs.

AP automation software boost compliance

Protect your data

The data stored in QuickBooks Online is protected by the same encryption technology that is used by the world’s top banks, and always backed up in the cloud.

How Rillion integrates with QuickBooks Online

Connect with QuickBooks Online in a matter of minutes! The integration is lightning fast and you will be up and running with just a couple of clicks. See how easy it is to connect Rillion’s AP platform to QuickBooks Online.

How does AP automation for QuickBooks work?


Incoming invoices are auto interpreted and their data fields are captured. The data is intuitively extracted using OCR and AI digital capture technologies for both paper invoices and digital invoices(PDF, XML, Word, or similar). 95% accuracy for paper, 100% accuracy for electronic formats. The technology recognizes each invoice by vendor and collects all the essential information – vendor data, reference, amount, and VAT. An approval workflow is suggested based on supplier reference and predetermined rules.


Artificial intelligence and pre-set rules automatically route and code invoices for approval to the designated approver or exception handler. The approvers have a perfect overview of the payment and approval status of the invoices, and have access to all relevant information and documents. They can approve online on any device and are sent automatic reminders and notifications to ensure the invoices are approved in time. If everything is in order, the invoice is sent to QuickBooks for final booking and payment, while exceptions are routed to the appropriate person according to predefined rules. You can easily make notes and communicate with approvers or administrators about the invoice on the Rillion platform.

Connection to QuickBooks

Once the invoice has been fully approved, invoice data is transferred to QuickBooks for recording and payment. All the invoice data necessary for final booking and payment is transferred into QuickBooks automatically. QuickBooks also sends Rillion the bill payment confirmation ensuring invoices are accurately updated between the two systems providing peace of mind.

Don’t take our word for it

VMG Construction uses Rillion for AP Automation

VMG Construction
“It’s amazing. Rillion recognizes the invoice and it’s learning from those invoices, making it a smoother process. Once those invoices are getting thrown into the project manager teams, it’s already filled out for them to review.”

Features of Rillion’s accounts payable automation for QuickBooks

Automated Invoice Capture with Rillion for Quickbooks

Invoice Data Capture

Whether invoices are received in paper or email formats, the data is captured quickly and efficiently. Manual data entry is not required and can be completely eliminated with our accounts payable software compatible with QuickBooks.

Approval Workflow

AP Workflow

Using an automated AP workflow and a central dashboard, Rillion provides automatic invoice reminders for QuickBooks. Approvers can view and approve invoices on a laptop, on mobile, and in email without learning a new dashboard system.

  • Have visibility into Accounts Payable balances and payment/approval status
  • “Drag & Drop” approval workflows, ad hoc routing
  • One-click approvals are made directly in email or on a mobile device
Advanced Search and Invoice Archive

Advanced Search and Invoice Archive

Rillion’s AP automation for QuickBooks provides a step-by-step documented history of invoice transactions. The powerful search engine lets you search for data on both current and paid invoices.

  • Find invoice data quickly
  • Batch invoices into one PDF
  • Invoices are archived in the cloud for easy access

The ideal AP solution for Accounting Firms using QuickBooks

Accounting firms have unique AP requirements for workflows and compliance, including auditability of the entire process. Whether it’s SOC 1 and 2, GDPR, 4MLD, PCI DSS or any other regulation, it’s essential to have everything for review by auditors and government authorities.

Rillion brings accounting firms a fully cloud-based AP automation solution for QuickBooks, ensuring a safe, automated, and streamlined invoice management process for you and your customers. All your customers’ AP processes are managed in one single platform, where you never need to shift environments, regardless of which accounting software your customers use. Rillion makes it easy for you and your customers to approve invoices wherever and whenever you want on any device.

Empower your organization’s and your customers’ accounts payable. Join the Rillion Partner Program for accounting firms and provide one of the fastest growing and most successful AP automation platforms that grows with your customers’ requirements. Read more about Rillion for Accounting Firms

AP Automation & Invoice Processing for QuickBooks

Engineered from the ground up with accounts payable automation in mind, Rillion’s AP Automation for QuickBooks boosts your investment in QuickBooks by giving you automated invoice data capture (no more keying!), flexible approval workflows, and a searchable invoice archive.

Benefits of integrating Rillion’s AP automation software with QuickBooks

Sustainability, efficiency and visibility – just to name a few of the positive impacts Rillion has on an organization’s accounts payable processes. While QuickBooks has extensive functionality, there is so much more potential to capitalize on through integrating QuickBooks with AP automation software.

Rillion’s AP automation solution for QuickBooks provides a plethora of benefits and advantages on different levels, extending QuickBooks’ core functionality. Rillion is easy to use and fast to set up. Optimize your QuickBooks accounts payable functions today.

QuickBooks AP Automation FAQs

QuickBooks does not have AP automation built in, but that’s where we come in! Rillion’s software for AP automation is compatible with QuickBooks and is user-friendly with quick set-up times. We provide automatic invoice reminders for QuickBooks and an automated AP workflow.

Yes, Quickbooks has an accounts payable module, however, it is fully manual. Integrating your QuickBooks solution with Rillion, you can fully automate your AP activities to save time, eliminate errors, and reduce manual work.

Rillion’s software for QuickBooks AP automation eliminates manual data entry, gives you flexible approval workflows, and a searchable invoice archive. QuickBooks AP automation optimizes your accounts payable process.

We offer AP automation as a SaaS-solution with a monthly fee based on invoice volume. The monthly SaaS-fee includes invoice capture, invoices processing and digital approval workflows. We offer add-ons services for those customers that need or want even more automation, such as document and contract management, PO matching and an AI offering for automated account postings. Get in touch, so we can help you choose the right level of automation for your business!

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