Payment Automation

– for Small Business

A fully managed payments solution enabling small businesses to eliminate paper checks, manual payment processes, and supplier exceptions.

Rillion Pay - Payment Automation for Small Business
A Faster and More Secure Way to Pay - with Rillion Pay

Rillion Pay

– a Faster and More Secure Way to Pay

  • Payment Delivery to 100% of Your Vendors

    – You send a single payment file from Rillion AP Automation, and we take it from there

  • Comprehensive Payment Options

    – Immediately take advantage of modern electronic payments including virtual cards, ACH, Enhanced ACH, eCheck, and more.

  • Trusted Payments Operations Team

    – We remove the burden of exception handling, disputes, and manual vendor communication. Automated and proactive checks and balances ensure your payments are settled.

Safe and Secure Payments

– This is how it works

Payment Data Storage & Security

Account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored.

Safe and Secure Payments with Rillion

Listen to our Customers

Healthcare firm Smiles First eases workload for the accounts payable team with Rillion

Smiles First
“I like that with Rillion you see a pie chart of the expenses. So each month I can see that at a quick glance… which is nice, you know each day when I go through entering/posting the invoices I kind of look at that to see where we’re at.”

Benefits of Rillion Pay

Full visibility and control

Save Time

By removing administrative payment tasks and vendor management.

Reduce cost

Reduce Cost

By eliminating manual work, paper, and preventing errors.

Prevent Payment Fraud

Prevent Fraud

By reducing payment management liability and removing security burdens.

Full visibility and control

Gain Visibility & Control

By gaining insight into who is being paid, how much, and by what method.

Save time and prevent fraud with Rillion Pay

Why should you use Payments as a Service?

Not only does Rillion’s payment service save time and money, it helps to reduce the risk of fraud.

Rillion gives you completely automated accounts payable workflow:

  • Centralized Payment Reporting – Insight into who you’re paying, how much, and by what method.
  • Payment Lifecycle Management – Unmatched visibility into payments that you never had access to before.
  • Audit Trail – Full visibility to track down and understand the path of a payment for auditing purposes.

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How does Rillion Pay make a difference?

Many small businesses experience frustrations around their payment processes, common challenges being:

  • Someone in the office has to be physically present to accomplish tasks
  • Checks have to be manually signed
  • Many hours a week devoted to doing just one check run
  • Cost of paper and mailing

With Rillion Pay:

  • The physical, paper-driven process is removed from the payment process
  • Time is saved with a digital payment solution
  • Better auditing and control functionality
How does Rillion Pay make a difference?

More about the Invoice Automation Process

Invoice Capture

Rillion’s invoice data capture solution handles both email and paper invoices. Paper and emailed invoices are scanned by the solution. The invoice data is automatically entered into a central dashboard and a complete automated approval workflow.

No keying!

Digital Approval Workflow

Create better, faster, smarter, and easier invoice approval workflows with Rillion. Once all invoice data is digitized, the approval process can be completed by few clicks on computer or in a mobile phone.

Let your colleagues and managers approve invoices online – wherever they are!

Find current and paid invoice data fast

The search feature in Rillion gives you complete control over invoices and invoice data. Finance staff and approvers benefit from both simple and advanced functions to obtain exactly the information that’s requested.

We have prepared for you to get onboard!

Rillion’s Invoice Capture Software is designed to easily connect with different accounting systems and ERPs.

Invoice Automation for Microsoft Dynamics Navision
Invoice Automation for Visma.Net
Invoice Automation for SAP S/4 Hana
Invoice Automation for Sage X3
Invoice Automation for Sage Intacct
Invoice Automation for Epicor iScala
Free Guide: 5 Ways to Make AP Easier

5 Ways to Make AP Easier

Small businesses are looking for ways to decrease drudgery and repetitive, manual tasks. Here’s 5 ways to make accounts payable easier for you and your team. Download your copy for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your vendors can send invoices via email, i.e. as an attached PDF-file, to an email that will feed them into the invoice capture software. You can also use an existing email address for receiving vendor invoices, and forward invoices to Rillion’s capture software. Paper invoices should be scanned and emailed to Rillion for capture.

Invoice data is captured using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which extracts the contents of invoices, paper or otherwise. Invoice data, and the invoice image, will show up in Rillion’s dashboard few minutes after the capture.

Invoice imaging is the scanning of an invoice with a device to produce an image of the invoice which can then be processed with OCR.

The first is invoice data capture, where technology populates the invoice data fields in the accounting system. Second is to sending out invoices for approval in an approval workflow. And third is coding and recording the invoice into the accounting system for payment.

When invoice data capture is automated using a software, manual entry of invoice data is eliminated. This will not only save you lots of time, but also eliminate errors caused by the human factor. Quality of your underlying data improve and you will get more accurate reports on spend and accounts payable. With automated invoice capture, you get an improved structure of your vendor invoices, which is a pre-requisite for further automation of the AP process, i.e. digital approval workflows.

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